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החלף שפה
Dobos Torte
Joszef Dobos was the "Auguste Escoffier" of Hungary, and as his French colleague, his name went ahead of him even beyond the borders of Hungary.

Joszef was the son to a dynasty of chefs. He ran a shop for expensive delicacies, which he sold to members of high society.

In 1885 - in a large national food fair, Dobos presented all the delicacies from his store in his stand, and won the admiration of the Czar and Czarina themselves, who tasted his specialties, and helped him to promote his products and his standing as a talented chef. After a few years, he introduced his most famous creation to the market - the Dobos Torte. The layers of the cake were so thin, and the caramel coating so beautiful, but it was the use of a new form of creamy chocolate butter that is created only in France that changed the Dobos Torte into the successful creation that everyone wanted to taste. Dobos even created a special box in which to mail the torte, and soon afterwards, it became well-known in all the capitals of Europe.

Dobos safely guarded the secret of his recipe. In the Millenium Exhibit in 1896, when 1000 years of the Hungarian Nation was celebrated, Dobos sold thousands of Dobos Tortes and from this time on, the "Dobos Mania" began. When Dobos finally retired in 1906, he revealed the recipe to the Trade Association of Budapest, so that the recipe and his name would be passed on for the coming generations. Another legend has been told that in Hungarian the word "Dob" means drum". Since the outer layer of frosting of the Dobos Torte reminds people of the stretched leather across the top of a drum, and the caramel is so hard that you can drum on it, some Hungarians believe that the origin of the name of the cake is from the word "dob.

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